[Coop.] IT works(Canada) looks for the partner in China
IT Works is a Canadian software company. We have developed internet control and productivity software that we are currently marketing on a global basis. Our software is in two versions, one designed for parental control at home and the second suite aimed at the business,governmental and educational markets.

We are very interested in developing sales and marketing partnerships with a company or companies in China. We understand that internet control systems are of interest in China and believe we have an ideal product for the times.

[ IT Works ]
[Coop.] US seeks cooperation on Mighty Engine
日前,有美国客商向我处表示,其自行研究开发出一种新型发动机产品(Mighty Engine),寻求与有关公司合作。其提供的产品描述如下:   (1) The Mighty Engine ™ (“ME”) design is very small and simple. The prototype has a 14 inch diameter and is 14 inches long. It weighs 150lbs. There are only 26 moving parts, 31 parts total. These are simple, physical facts. The first prototype uses diesel or biodiesel for fuel. (The ME design accommodates dramatic reductions in size depending on the application of the engine.) Through two revolutions of its crankshaft, the ME firing cycle is equivalent to a 32 cylinder reciprocating engine, that is, it fires 32 times. As a result, its displacement is equivalent to an 848 cubic inch reciprocating engine, despite its compactness. This displacement comparison is derived as follows: (3.1416*(3)(3)*3.75)/4*32 = 848 cubic inches, with a 3” bore and 3.75” stroke, four stroke cycle and thirty two firings. The design is also modular. Additional units can be connected to increase power. The ME is actually a large (extremely efficiently organized) displacement internal combustion engine; therefore its high horsepower output. Moreover, with the high number of cylinders firing in close order, a high number of pulses are generated for high torque, but without the friction and parasitic losses discussed below. (ME efficiency and the ability to use biofuels reduces our dependency on foreign oil.)   (2) At 150lbs, the basic ME design needs only to produce 3,000 hp from 848 cubic inches to produce a 20 to 1 power to weight ratio. (We are assuming less than 4 hp per cubic inch of displacement. Racing engines based on conventional design perform up to 5+ hp per cubic inch of displacement.) To our knowledge, only the latest jet engine has finally attained a 20 to 1 power to weight ratio. By replacing the rear cover of the ME and connecting another ME chamber assembly (adding two inches in length and little additional weight, the ME now becomes a 64 cylinder engine with 1,695 cubic inches raising the power to weight ratio up to 40 to 1.   (3) Since the ME lacks the 80% of the parts normally found in a reciprocating internal combustion engine that is responsible for high friction and parasitic losses, this normally dormant horsepower is now available and would increase the total deliverable output of the ME.   (4) Normally, in a compression ignition (diesel) engine, combustion begins @ TDC (Top Dead Center) @ 0 degree crankshaft position. The expanding gases push the piston down on the power stroke, rotating the crankshaft 180 degrees. The piston then returns to TDC pushing the exhaust at the exhaust stroke, rotating the crankshaft another 180 degrees. This is the burning time in a standard engine, a total of 360 degrees duration.   On a dynamometer, an engine’s combustion temperatures is typically measured 2” from the exhaust ports, on the premise that the combustion temperature is very close to exhaust
[ Bruce Hunter ]
[Coop.] Greek company seeks cooperation
A Greek company specialized in manufacturing of luggage, handbags and other leather advertising gifts is looking for a trade intrermediary partner or a franchisee partner and is offering subcontracting activities in Hungary, Czech, Roumania, China and Japan.
[ Euro Info Centre Eommex ]
[Coop.] Search home and overseas franchisers
Sell YN750 style panel,the structure and specification are customized.
[ Foshan City Nanhai Yineng Echo Furniture Co.,Ltd ]
[Coop.] Kenya company wants to find reputable machinery suppliers
We are a trading company located in Nairobi Kenya and currently undertaking above project for one of our clients in Rwanda. We want reputable machinery and accessories supplier (s) for above to be recommended to our client for immediate consideration.
[ Linkage Trading Co. Ltd ]
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