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China Council for the promotion of international trade Guangdong Committee (CCPIT Guangdong Committee) is a provincial non-governmental foreign trade promotion organization founded on November 23rd 1957, with the approval from the State Council. The organization consists of members from representative public figures, enterprises and rganizations in Guangdong economic and trade field. The missions of CCPIT include promoting international trade, utilizing FDI, promoting Guangdong enterprises' internationalization and cross-border economic cooperation, in accordance with government policies and decrees in order to increase the mutual understanding and friendship between people in Guangdong and those of all countries as well as the industrial and commercial enterprises in Guangdong Province and economic and trade communities in the rest of the world. Since June 1988, CCPIT has also been entitled as Guangdong Chamber of International Commerce (GCOIC) together with its original CCPIT title.

Over the past 60 years, by shouldering dual roles of "Non-governmental diplomatic ambassador" and "Non-governmental economic & trade ambassador", CCPIT Guangdong Committee has played an important role, gained international recognition and made significant contribution to Guangdong Province in fields such as cross-border economic and trade, attracting and utilizing FDI, attracting foreign cutting edge technology, and deepening Guangdong cross-border communication and understanding. So far, CCPIT Guangdong Committee has already established direct economic & trade relationship with 316 industrial & commercial communities, and signed long-term cooperation agreements with 126 overseas counterparts. Moreover, CCPIT has set up 20 overseas representative offices in Germany, United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, South Korea and Hong Kong, established 16 overseas Guangdong Chambers of Commerce in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Oceania, Middle East, ASEAN, jointly established 16 Sino-Foreign bilateral enterprises councils with commercial organizations from 15 countries and regions.

The headquarters of CCPIT Guangdong Committee consist of seven departments, and two public institutions directly under the Committee, which providing services in follwing areas: international relations, international exhibition, membership service, information, certification & authentication, and international commercial law services. Besides headquarters structure, CCPIT also has its trade promotion sub-units in 21 prefecture-level cities, 25 counties (cities and districts), and electronic industry in Guangdong Province.


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